Community of Changemakers

Community of Changemakers

Our world is reaching a tipping point. Global problems are changing the face of earth and all of it's tenants. It's time to reflect upon the challenges ahead of us and transform them into meaningful change.

Reakt is a community that aims to create social value. We aim to understand the world we're placed in and chip in, where others do not. We dont just talk about global problems but reakt - together πŸ™ŒπŸΎ.

Areas of Action

Areas of Action

Here are some examples of global problems that we turn into action areas.

😷 Pandemics. This area of action is fueled due to the recent #SARS-CoV-2 outbreak that causes a global #COVID-19 health emergency.

πŸ₯΅ Global Warming. This area of action relates to reducing human-influences that are causing a long-term rise in global surface temperatures.

πŸ’© Clean Water & Sanitation. This area of action relates to all public health conditions related to clean drinking water and adequate treatment of human excreta and sewage.

πŸ€’ Global Health & Well-Being. This area of action relates to the equity of public health conditions and well-being around the globe.

Wanna join?

Our Community members follow an interative design process to create solutions for solving 21st century problems. We actively seek change-makers, rebels and round pegs in squared holes to join reakt in the following roles:

πŸ”Ž Explorers identify, analyze and scope global problems in an empathic and realistic way.

πŸ’‘Experimenters prototype and test solutions to solve identified problems.

πŸ”§ Creators create solutions out of proven prototypes.

🎁 Scalers push solutions to reach impact of created solution.

πŸš€ Empowerers provide Community-Building and methodology support, mentoring and funding contacts and organises regular physical and digital meetups.

Problems are solved and co-owned by teams. All roles are essential for creating a lasting impact. Which role is yours? Join our Community on Slack πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

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